Best Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards
Best Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the most popular water sports in the world. It’s a great way to get out and explore nature—whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast.

The problem for many people is that SUP boards can be expensive, especially if you’re starting.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best cheap stand-up paddle boards (2023), so you can find one that fits your budget while still offering quality construction and performance.

Read on to find out which SUP board is right for you!

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What to Look for When Buying a Cheap SUP

When you’re looking for a cheap stand-up paddle board, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider the material the board is made of.

You’ll find plastic, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber boards. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so choose the material that best suits your needs.

Next, consider the size of the board. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want a smaller board that’s easy to maneuver.

But you might want a giant board for stability if you’re taller or heavier.

Finally, think about how you’ll be using the board. If you plan on doing primarily flatwater paddling, look for a board with a flat bottom and low rocker.

But if you want to paddle in waves or surf, look for a board with more rocker and a pointed nose.

No matter your budget, there’s a stand-up paddle board out there that’s perfect for you. Keep these things in mind when shopping, and you’ll find the perfect one in no time!

FBSPORT 10'6'' Premium Stand Up Paddle Board, Yoga Board with Durable SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck, Leash, Paddle and Pump for Youth & Adult

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ADVENOR Paddle Board 11'x33 x6 Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with SUP Accessories Including Adjustable Paddle,Backpack,Waterproof Bag,Leash,and Hand Pump,Repair Kit (Green)

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FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddles, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag

$209.95  in stock
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as of May 21, 2024 12:12 pm

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The Best Cheap SUP Boards of 2023

If you’re looking for the best cheap SUP boards of 2023, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will look at the market’s top 10 cheap SUP boards based on our personal experiences and opinions.

We’ll also give you tips on what to look for when choosing a cheap SUP board, so you can ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

So, without further ado, here are the best cheap SUP boards of 2023:

1. Best Cheap All-Around SUP Board: The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’8″ Stand-Up Paddle Board
2. Best Cheap Touring SUP Board: The Thurso Surf Waterwalker 11’6″ Stand-Up Paddle Board
3. Best Cheap Racing SUP Board: The Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ Stand-Up Paddle Board
4. Best Cheap Yoga SUP Board: The ISLE Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand-Up Paddle Board
5. Best Cheap Fishing SUP Board: The Perception Kayaks Pescador Pilot 12 kayak
6. Best Cheap Surfing SUP Board: The Wavestorm 9’6″ Classic Surfboard
7. Best Cheap Toddler/Kids SUP Board: The Solstice by tower paddle boards Bali 8’6″ Beginner Kids Soft Top Foam Surfboard
8. Best Inexpensive Inflatable SUP Board: The iROCKER All-Around Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board
9. Best Budget Hardboard SUP Board: The BIC Sport Ace-Tec WindSUP 11’2″ Stand-Up Paddle Board
10. Best Value for Money SUP Board: The Aqua Marina Vapor Hard 12’6″ Stand-Up Paddle Board

We hope this article has helped you to find the best cheap SUP board for your needs.

Remember that when shopping for a commission, it’s essential to choose one that suits your skill level and style of paddling. Good luck!

FBSPORT 10'6'' Premium Stand Up Paddle Board, Yoga Board with Durable SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck, Leash, Paddle and Pump for Youth & Adult

 in stock
5 new from $169.95
4 used from $158.16
Free shipping
as of May 21, 2024 12:12 pm

ADVENOR Paddle Board 11'x33 x6 Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with SUP Accessories Including Adjustable Paddle,Backpack,Waterproof Bag,Leash,and Hand Pump,Repair Kit (Green)

$199.99  in stock
8 used from $135.97
Free shipping
as of May 21, 2024 12:12 pm

FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddles, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag

$209.95  in stock
2 new from $209.95
Free shipping
as of May 21, 2024 12:12 pm

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How to Choose the Right SUP Board for You

A few things to consider when choosing a suitable stand-up paddle board.

The first is what kind of activities you’ll be using it for. If you’re primarily going to be paddling around on flat water, like lakes and rivers, then you’ll want a different board than if you’re planning on doing a lot of surfing or racing.

The second thing to consider is your physical fitness and ability level. Starting with a broader and more stable board is probably best if you’re a beginner. As you get more experienced, you can move to a narrower and faster board.

And if you’re looking to challenge yourself, there are even inflatable SUPs designed for whitewater kayaking!

Finally, think about where you’ll be storing and transporting your SUP. Getting a giant board won’t be an issue if you have a lot of space.

But if you’re limited on storage or need to travel with your SUP often, something smaller and lighter might be the way to go.

Get durable and well-made no matter what kind of stand-up paddle board you choose. Your SUP will last for many years of fun on the water with proper care!

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Tips for Picking the Perfect SUP Board

Remember a few things when looking for the best cheap stand-up paddle board.

You want to find a board that’s the right size and shape for you and will fit your budget.

  • Know Your Dimensions: The first step is to know your dimensions- what is your height and weight? This will help you narrow down the boards that will work best for you in size. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect SUP board:
  • Consider Your Skill Level: Are you a beginner or an experienced paddler? This will also help narrow your search, as different boards are designed for different skill levels.
  • Choose the Right Shape: Paddle boards have three main shapes: all-purpose, surf style, and touring/racing. All-purpose boards are great for general paddling, while surf-style boards are better for waves and tricks. Touring/racing boards are designed for speed and long-distance paddling.
  • Think About Budget: How much can you realistically spend on a paddle board? This is an essential factor to consider when narrowing down your options.
  • Compare Brands & Prices: Once you’ve considered all the above factors, it’s time to compare brands and prices. This is where doing your research comes in handy- read reviews, compare prices, and find the best board.

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Why do people prefer inflatable SUPs over traditional SUPs?

An inflatable is a better solution to your problem if you have a tight budget. Inflatable SUPs are very affordable and are available for around $5000 each. The paddle boards can also be cheaper than solid boards.

Generally, paddle boards are more popular with people who prefer them. It’s hard to obtain good epoxy SUPs at this price level—another reason to make an inflatable paddleboard a good choice for transport or storage.

The iSUP is compact enough for easy transport in small packages anywhere. That’s not the case with solid boards. Inflatable paddleboards are available with an extensive set.

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How cheap is cheap?

Cheap is a term varying among people. It can be used as an inflatable paddleboard for $100 to $500. There is no cheapest option for buying paddle boards in the marketplace. This is an inexpensive board.

The lure of advertising can make many people fall into a rut – causing a situation to end. You’ve got to take precautions while searching for cheap SUPs and all other things. This paddle board ranges from $100 to $500. They are sturdy but also durable.

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Quick Answer: Best Cheap Paddle Boards

We laid the groundwork and searched the web to find ten cheap paddleboards. All it takes is checking all those features to see what’s best for you! Weight: 137.8 lbs | Longitude: 12′ | Widespread: 31′′ | Maximum Capacitation.

Popular among paddlers for its durable and robust structure, incorporating PVC and DuraWeld technologies, this is a highly durable inflatable boat that will endure severe wear and tear.

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Why should you get an inflatable paddle board?

An inflatable paddleboard provides the perfect combination of comfort and portability when traveling. The inflatable paddle is manufactured from durable PVC, which can easily be deflated and inflated.

They are generally lighter but maneuverable. Can you list some good alternatives to inflatable paddleboards? Here’s a list of the best budget inflatables to buy!

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Ciays inflatable paddle board

Ciays inflatable stand-up paddle boards are very cheap and reliable. They have varying levels of performance. The paddle board offers a long lifespan using a 3-layer PVC hull made with drop-stitched fibers and a reinforced acetate core.

The device is padded with Thermo-sealed anti-slip cushioning, a waterproof mobile case, and an electric pump with padded grips. The three adjustment pads are constructed from high-quality aluminum and nylon with superior floatability and higher-quality construction.

Its heights are adjustable to suit you. Get the cheapest paddleboards that have excellent performance and affordable prices!

Driftsun Orka Paddle Board

Do you want SUPs for a great adventure? Take the Drifts Sun Orka Paddleboard to the next level. These bags are 12 feet long and can support up to 600 lbs which makes these bags perfect for transporting any gear on an overnight camping trip.

The more expansive decks and tails offer superior stability, and the numerous valve and anchor D rings make inflation quick and easy. A lightweight EVA rubber traction pad with an elongated traction pad provides excellent grip and cushioning to ensure endless fun while on water.

Get the best of everyone in the boat by bringing a drift paddle board to the lake.

NEED inflatable paddle board

The RUNEED inflatable paddleboard will last for ages is renowned for its stable construction and features every accessory needed! The board has a soft padded surface for protection while sailing and features an easy-spreading padded floor pad.

The Deluxe Set includes paddles, waterproof backpacks, safety leashes, double-action hand pumps, cell phone bags, and three removable fins. Plus, the anti-air leak design ensures that the board stays compressed while being used. It is perfect for anyone, regardless of skill. The sale is currently 30% Off!

Homde inflatable paddle board

Homde Paddling Board is manufactured from military-grade double-layer PVC. Its premium inflatable paddle boards are solid and easily accessible for travel for extended periods.

It weighs 273 pounds, making it a fantastic board for every person. It has a broader board and a non-slip EVA surface, providing excellent stability and good traction. The fins also improve directional stability in smooth water. In other words, you have all the necessary equipment and accessories for a paddleboarding experience, including carry handles and coil leashes.

MAXFLOW inflatable paddle board

Need a high-quality board that has good balance? The MaxFlow inflatable paddle board has been upgraded with an insulated padded bottom to cushion your fall if you get hit. These boards have a carryable bag for travel, making it a great idea to take them on paddleboarding trips or to park them at the airport for spontaneous trips to Lake Tahoe.

We also ensure you have everything you need on the water, such as safety leashes, paddle fins, and scuba diving. This new 8’6″ Board is reasonably priced and should be bought immediately!

FunWater SUP inflatable paddleboard

We’re looking forward to finding the most economical inflatable SUP board: FunWater SUP Standup paddleboard! The paddleboard was designed of military-grade double walls PVC, which is 35% lighter than similar items available today, making it incredibly lightweight to carry and store.

FunWater Suspension is highly robust and wear-resistant, so it can endure everything you put in its way and will remain perfect throughout the years. Moreover, the innovative ergonomic handle design makes inflating your paddle board easier for the operator.

Sailor From Goosehill

The Goosehill Goosehill Sailing Kit is an exceptionally lightweight, inflatable SUP board! This is a very light boat with only 210 pounds and is the weakest in the marketplace.  It is the best paddle board for all the usual SUP activities, including races in lakes or rivers.

This includes an entire kit with everything you need to start with a comfortable storage bag, three-piece paddle, coiled SUP ankle leashes, removable fins repairs ki,t, and hand pumps. Please look for an inflatable board that will keep the water calm!

Soopotay SUP Paddleboard

The Soo Potay SUP paddleboard offers a fantastic SUP experience! The perfect SUP. It has two layers of waterproof fabric, and its lightweight material makes it easy to transport. Its maximum weight is 370 lbs. This weight can fit the height of two people!

The pack includes an inflatable paddleboard and kayak seats, an adjustable and removable paddle sling, and a coil leash with several attachment points. It also optimizes building materials to guarantee high quality. The whole package is available at a reasonable price.

Body Glove Mantra Paddleboard

The Mantra body grip Paddleboard is the ultimate inflatable, with a robust and durable surface and excellent stability! It is made from Polyethylene construction and features 3-layer stringing & side rails and a three-layer tracking fender design for maximum strength and balance at sea.

Diamond grips offer additional protection during paddling. The hand pumps also inflate at a speed of 15 PS in just minutes. This way, you can carry this board wherever you are. After you have completed cruising, you can quickly empty your bag.

FATORK Stand-Up Paddleboard

FATORK stand-up paddleboards are ultra-stable, comfortable, and easy-to-transport paddleboards. This option is better than smaller boards, with extra wide curved edges ideal for yoga, surf-fishing, travel, and simply paddling.

The soft anti-slip EVA pads ensure comfort when standing, and the backpack is made up of a foam lining at the shoulder for comfort while allowing easy transport. Double action hand pump enables rapid inflation of the boards – much more convenient and easy to maintain than electric pumps.

Aqua Plus

The Aqua Plus inflatable SUPs are portable, but they are rigid straight lines too! This board is constructed of high-quality PVC, whereas the hardboard can deflate to make storage and transporting easy.

This versatile design provides stability and a thickness of 6 mm to ensure excellent stability. It has a 5 mm comfortable diamond groove grip and 11 stainless-steel mounts for carrying and coil leashes. A one-year material warranty backs the entire package. So explore!

IROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Next up on the iROCKER’s list of the most affordable paddleboards is their inflatable kayak. These boards will make you happy when enjoying all the different activities you do in the water, ranging from swimming in the lake, yoga, or cruising with dogs or little kids.

The nautical ultralight three-piece fiberglass paddle can float up to 86 inches and is easily customizable. The premium bag also features optional wheels to facilitate transportation. It’s also covered by two years of guaranteed service.

FBSPORT Premium inflatable paddle board

If the FBSPORT Premium paddleboard offers more stability, the FBSPORT Premium is an excellent alternative to other inflatable paddleboards! It’s perfect for people seeking an easy-to-use paddleboard. The triple-top fins with big removable fins offer an ideal option for any boat seeking a faster and more maneuverable speed.

Durable, lightweight construction makes it easy to carry to your next boating or sailing adventure. Rapid inflation and deformation of this pump are easy to carry everywhere.

ADVENOR Paddleboard 11’x33 x6′

If you want another wide paddle board for balance, the ADVENOR Paddleboard 11’x33″ x 6 will suit you! It is a quality paddleboard suited for any person seeking a new adventure out on the water and has high pressures.

The included aluminum paddles can be adapted perfectly to a wide range of people, and their three removable fins allow customization. The waterproof bag and the repair ki make this kayak an excellent package for anyone wanting a fun trip.

Famistar 12FT Allround Stand Up Paddle Boar.d

The 12FT Famistar Stand-Up Paddleboard is lightweight and portable and features an easy carry bag. The vast and thicker shape of the board gives it super and stability. The board is suitable for paddlers and beginners.

The complete kit includes everything necessary to start and a 2-year free replacement warranty. In addition, the anti-slip design ensures that your paddle is comfortable, allowing for maximum weight for both large and small users.

IROCKER inflatable paddle board

The Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard from iROCKER is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers. Despite its matte carbon fiber construction, this lightweight car has an amazingly durable carrying case and is easy to move.

A decisive triple-action pumped motor also inflates boards within seven minutes—the perfect paddle board for various adventures.

Peakpath inflatable paddle board

Peakpath inflatable paddleboard provides the highest possible experience of a lifetime at sea. The board is manufactured with excellent material and features a wide-angle layout allowing for the best maneuverability, which makes the board suitable for any water activities.

The paddle boards have easily inflated portability, making them an excellent choice for enjoying the water.

Jolldo inflatable paddle board

Jollydo inflatable paddleboards are high-end, sturdy, and lightweight. This board has an ultra-usually high density of 390 pounds and supports 300-pound weights with a low-profile design. The 11’6′′ – 36 inch-long dimensions assure stability and ease of maneuverability.

Is it worth buying a cheap paddleboard?

For larger paddlers, cheap iSUP could have several difficulties (stability, rigidity, etc.). Usually,y iSups have 15 PSI air pressure as the maximum required for achieving an iSUP budge,t and even if you pump it over this pressure,e it is unlikely that this pressure is a good thing.

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Is it worth getting an inflatable paddleboard?

Which are good kayak boards? The inflatable SUP is the best choice for leisure paddles due to its high strength, portability, lightweight, versatile design, and injury prevention.

Do cheap paddle boards work?

It may be a good idea to buy inexpensive paddle boards for beginners. Every item is packed with pump straps, leashes, and carry bags. Quality is improved throughout. Some established brands are now introducing boards within these ranges.

Why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive?

High-quality inflatable paddleboards are handmade, and hence labor costs are high. Various low-cost inflatable SUPs are manufactured using automated mass production, reducing costs.

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How much should I pay for a stand-up paddleboard?

There are inflatable SUPs priced from $180 and high-end epoxy SUPs up to $2000. You could spend between $700 and $1100 a year to install epoxy / inflatable SUP.

What is the best-value paddle board?

Best inflatable paddleboards for a low cost. 2022. #1 Red Paddle Co or Redfin. #1 Retrospec Weekender 10′ Up. Roc Scout 9′ iSUP. #4 SereneLife Free-Flow Ten’6iSUP. #4 Fun Water 12’6 ISU.. – #7 Runwave 11′ iSup. #7. High-pi 10’6iSup. #7 Dama ten feet six ISP. No. Blue Paddle Co. No. Retrospec Weekdayer 10′ iSU. #1 Roque Scout 10′ ISU. #3 SereneLife Freeflow 10 ft 6in – SUP. #4 fun water ten-foot iSUP. #4 Runwave 11′ ISUP! #5 – Highpi. 9’5 iSUP. #7 Dam. 6’8 ISU.

What is a reasonable price for a paddle board?

Generally, the best inflatable paddle board from a reputable manufacturer costs anywhere up to $900 for solid performance all-around boards.

What is the best brand of inflatable paddle boards?

The ultimate winner is the SereneLife inflatable paddleboard. These lightweight boards have proven to be stable for beginners and advanced riders. Our review also includes several excellent options for kids & families.


Stand-up paddle boarding is an increasingly popular activity for all ages. With so many fantastic cheap stand-up paddle boards available in 2023, it has never been easier to get started.

We hope our list of the best cheap stand-up paddle boards on the market has helped you figure out which panel is right for you.

Whether paddling around your local lake or hitting the waves at your nearest beach, investing in a high-quality yet affordable SUP board can open doors to new adventures.

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