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SUP Fishing

The classes will use Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) and the beach combined with traditional exercises to give a new effective, and unique workout experience.

A Beginners Guide to SUP Fishing

Whether you are a professional angler or just looking for a way to enjoy your time off, you can find the fishing activities that suit you best with this article.

This article will give you everything you need, from different fishing equipment to various bait types, and tips on where to find the best spots in your area. This article will give you everything you need!

Best Stand-Up Paddle Board for Fishing – 2023

The perfect SUP fishing setup depends on how much tackle and gear you need and the size of your paddle board.

fishing SUP is heavier than a traditional SUP but lighter than a kayak making it easy to transport over soft sand with a cart and balloon …

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How Expensive Is It To Get Into SUP Fishing
Dive into SUP fishing while keeping costs in mind. From initial equipment investment to maintenance and accessories, we'll uncover the true expenses.
What Are The Origins And History Of SUP Fishing As A Sport
Join us on an exploration of the origins and history of SUP fishing as a sport. Discover how it evolved, influential figures, key milestones, and its growth in popularity.
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Discover the best SUP fishing destinations worldwide! From Florida Keys to the Amazon River, experience thrilling angling adventures in stunning locations.
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What Are The Best SUP Fishing Accessories And Mods

A paddle holder is a convenient accessory for SUP fishing, allowing you to secure your paddle while you focus on fishing. There are several types of paddle holders available:

Clip-On Paddle Holder

A clip-on paddle holder attaches to your paddleboard and provides a secure grip for your paddle. It can be easily attached and removed, making it a versatile option for SUP fishing.

Bungee Paddle Holder

A bungee paddle holder uses bungee cords to hold your paddle in place. It provides a quick and easy way to secure your paddle while you fish, ensuring that it doesn't float away.

Suction Cup Paddle Holder

A suction cup paddle holder uses suction cups to attach to your paddleboard. It offers a secure and reliable way to hold your paddle, even in choppy waters.

Deck-Mounted Paddle Holder

A deck-mounted paddle holder is designed to be permanently attached to your paddleboard. It provides a stable and secure storage option for your paddle, freeing up your hands for fishing.

How Do You Bring A Cooler For Your Catch When SUP Fishing
Learn the top tips for bringing a cooler for your catch when SUP fishing. From choosing the right cooler to securing it and packing your fish, find out how to keep your catch chilled on the water.
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How Can I Improve My SUP Paddling Skills