sup hats with neck flap hats with flaps to shade your neck while paddling 1
sup hats with neck flap hats with flaps to shade your neck while paddling 1

Picture this: you’re out on the water, paddling away on your stand-up paddleboard, enjoying the sun and the refreshing breeze. But wait, what about your neck? As much as we love those sunny days, the harsh rays can take a toll on our sensitive skin. That’s where SUP hats with neck flaps come to the rescue! These innovative hats are designed with flaps that provide much-needed shade for your neck while you navigate the waters. So say goodbye to sunburn and hello to comfortable paddling all day long. SUP hats with neck flaps are the ultimate accessory for any outdoor enthusiast looking to stay protected and stylish on their paddleboard adventures.

Why wear a SUP hat with neck flap?

When it comes to outdoor activities like paddleboarding, it is crucial to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. Wearing a SUP hat with a neck flap not only provides sun protection but also offers additional benefits that enhance our overall paddling experience. In this article, we will explore the reasons why wearing a SUP hat with a neck flap is a smart choice, the various features available, different styles to choose from, and how to select the right one for our needs.

Protection from the sun

One of the primary reasons to wear a SUP hat with a neck flap is to shield ourselves from the sun. The wide brim and neck flap combination provides ample coverage, effectively blocking harmful UV rays. This protection is essential to prevent sunburn, minimize the risk of skin damage, and lower the chances of developing skin cancer in the long run. By wearing a SUP hat with a neck flap, we can enjoy our paddleboarding adventures without worrying about sunburn or excessive sun exposure.

Prevent sunburn on the neck

The neck is a commonly overlooked area when it comes to sun protection. Paddleboarding often involves looking down or to the sides, exposing our necks directly to the sun. Without proper coverage, the neck is susceptible to painful sunburns. A SUP hat with a neck flap solves this problem by providing seamless protection for our necks. The extended flap shields our necks from the harsh rays of the sun, preventing sunburn and ensuring a more comfortable paddling experience.

Stay cool and comfortable

Paddleboarding is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, but the heat can sometimes become uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. A SUP hat with a neck flap is designed to keep us cool and comfortable while out on the water. The neck flap not only protects us from the sun but also provides shade, keeping our heads and necks cooler by reducing direct heat exposure. Additionally, many SUP hats with neck flaps are made from breathable materials, allowing air circulation and preventing overheating.

Features of SUP hats with neck flaps

When choosing a SUP hat with a neck flap, it is important to consider the features that best suit our needs. Here are some key features commonly found in these hats:

Wide brim

A wide brim is a fundamental feature of SUP hats with neck flaps. The wide brim provides additional shade and protection, shielding our face, ears, and eyes from the sun. This wider coverage helps to reduce the risk of sunburn and eye strain, ensuring a more comfortable paddling experience. A wide brim also adds a stylish touch to the hat, making it a fashionable choice for those who value both protection and aesthetics.

Removable neck flap

Some SUP hats come with a removable neck flap. This feature offers versatility and allows us to adapt the hat to different weather conditions and personal preferences. On hot and sunny days, we can attach the neck flap for maximum protection and coverage. However, on cooler and windier days, we can remove the flap to allow more air circulation and maintain a comfortable temperature. The removable neck flap adds flexibility to the hat, making it suitable for various outdoor activities beyond just paddleboarding.

Adjustable chin strap

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, many SUP hats with neck flaps come with an adjustable chin strap. This strap allows us to tighten or loosen the hat according to our head size and preference. The adjustable chin strap ensures that the hat stays in place, even during vigorous movements or windy conditions. This feature is particularly valuable while paddleboarding, as it prevents the hat from being blown away or falling into the water. The adjustable chin strap adds convenience and peace of mind, allowing us to focus on enjoying our paddleboarding experience.

Different styles of SUP hats with neck flaps

SUP hats with neck flaps come in various styles, each offering its unique advantages and aesthetics. Here are three popular styles that we can choose from based on our personal preferences and needs:

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are a classic and versatile style that often features a downwards-sloping brim and a circular crown. These hats provide excellent coverage and protection from the sun, including the neck area with the attached neck flap. Bucket hats are known for their casual and laid-back appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including paddleboarding. They come in various colors and patterns, allowing us to express our personal style while staying protected.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps with attached neck flaps offer a sporty and modern look, combining the functionality of a regular cap with the added sun protection of the neck flap. These caps typically have a curved brim and a structured crown, providing shade for the face and eyes. The neck flap extends from the back of the cap, ensuring full coverage for the neck. Baseball caps are a popular choice for those who prefer a more streamlined and athletic style while enjoying their paddleboarding adventures.

Boonie hats

Boonie hats are known for their wide brims and relaxed, safari-inspired look. These hats are designed to withstand outdoor elements and offer excellent sun protection. Boonie hats with neck flaps provide extended coverage to the neck area, making them ideal for paddleboarding. The wide brim not only protects our face and eyes but also shades our necks, providing relief from the sun’s intensity. Boonie hats are a great option for those who prefer a rugged and adventurous look while staying protected from the sun.

SUP Hats With Neck Flap - Hats With Flaps To Shade Your Neck While Paddling

Choosing the right SUP hat with neck flap

When selecting a SUP hat with a neck flap, there are several factors to consider to ensure the best fit, comfort, and protection. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind when choosing the right hat for our paddleboarding needs:


The material of the hat plays a significant role in its breathability, durability, and overall comfort. Nylon is a popular choice for SUP hats as it is lightweight, quick-drying, and offers excellent sun protection. Polyester is another common material that provides similar benefits. Cotton is a suitable option for those who prioritize comfort and breathability, although it may not dry as quickly as synthetic fabrics. It is essential to choose a material that suits our preferences and the environmental conditions in which we paddleboard.

Size and fit

Ensuring the proper size and fit of a SUP hat is crucial to achieve maximum comfort and protection. Most SUP hats come in various sizes or offer adjustable features, such as a drawstring or an elastic band, to accommodate different head sizes. It is recommended to measure our head circumference and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to select the appropriate size. A well-fitted hat should not feel too tight or too loose and should stay securely in place, even during active movements.

Style and design

While functionality and protection are paramount, the style and design of the SUP hat also contribute to the overall enjoyment of our paddleboarding experience. Whether we prefer a vibrant and eye-catching pattern or a more understated and neutral color, there is a wide range of options available to suit every individual’s taste and style. Considering factors such as the hat’s shape, color, and overall aesthetic appeal will ensure that we feel confident and stylish while staying protected on the water.

Benefits of using a SUP hat with neck flap

Using a SUP hat with a neck flap offers numerous benefits that enhance our paddleboarding experience. Here are some notable advantages of incorporating a SUP hat with a neck flap into our outdoor gear:

Full coverage protection

By wearing a SUP hat with a neck flap, we can enjoy full coverage protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The wide brim and neck flap combination ensures that our face, neck, and ears are shielded from direct sunlight, minimizing the risk of sunburn and skin damage. This comprehensive protection allows us to paddleboard for extended periods without worrying about the damaging effects of the sun.

Versatility for various outdoor activities

A SUP hat with a neck flap is not limited to paddleboarding alone. It is a versatile accessory that can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether we enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, or simply spending time in the sun, a SUP hat with a neck flap provides the necessary sun protection and comfort. The removable neck flap adds flexibility, allowing us to adapt the hat to different activities and environmental conditions.

Breathable and lightweight

Many SUP hats with neck flaps are designed with breathability and lightweight materials in mind. This ensures that our heads stay cool and comfortable, even under the scorching sun. The breathable materials allow air circulation, preventing overheating and excessive sweat buildup. Additionally, the lightweight nature of these hats allows for ease of movement and a more enjoyable paddleboarding experience without feeling weighed down.

Best materials for SUP hats with neck flaps

The choice of material for a SUP hat with a neck flap is an important consideration to ensure comfort and functionality. Here are three popular materials commonly used in SUP hats:


Nylon is a preferred choice for SUP hats with neck flaps due to its lightweight and quick-drying properties. It offers excellent sun protection and allows air to circulate, keeping our heads cool even in hot weather. Nylon hats are known for their durability, making them suitable for frequent use and outdoor adventures. Additionally, nylon hats can be easily folded or packed without losing their shape, making them convenient for travel.


Polyester is another popular material for SUP hats with neck flaps. It is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to shrinking or stretching. Polyester hats are lightweight, breathable, and offer good protection against the sun’s rays. They are particularly suitable for activities that involve water, as they dry quickly and are resistant to water absorption. Polyester hats retain their shape well and are easy to care for, making them a convenient and reliable choice.


Cotton is a natural and breathable material that appeals to those who prioritize comfort and softness. Cotton SUP hats with neck flaps offer good sun protection while allowing air to circulate freely. They are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation or discomfort, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. However, it is important to note that cotton hats may not dry as quickly as synthetic materials, and they can become heavy when wet.

Tips for maintaining your SUP hat with neck flap

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our SUP hat with a neck flap, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some tips to keep our hat in great condition:

Cleaning instructions

It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for our SUP hat. Some hats can be machine-washed, while others may require hand washing. Using mild detergent and cold water is usually sufficient. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage the hat’s material and compromise its sun protection properties. Air-drying or line-drying is recommended instead of using high heat, as excessive heat can cause shrinkage or distortion of the hat’s shape.

Proper storage

When not in use, it is advisable to store our SUP hat with a neck flap in a cool and dry place. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or exposing it to extreme heat, as this can cause fading or warping. Fold the hat gently or use a hat rack to retain its shape. If the hat has a removable neck flap, detach it and store it separately to prevent tangling or damage. Proper storage ensures that our hat remains in excellent condition and ready for our next paddleboarding adventure.

Replacing worn-out hats

Over time, even the best SUP hats with neck flaps may show signs of wear and tear. It is important to regularly inspect our hat for any damage, such as fraying edges or weakened straps. If the hat no longer provides adequate protection or does not fit properly, it is time to consider replacing it. Investing in a new SUP hat with a neck flap ensures that we continue to enjoy the benefits of sun protection while maintaining our comfort and safety on the water.

Where to buy SUP hats with neck flaps

SUP hats with neck flaps can be purchased from various sources. Here are a few options to consider:

Outdoor gear stores

Outdoor gear stores, such as sporting goods stores or specialty outdoor retailers, often carry a wide selection of SUP hats with neck flaps. These stores typically offer hats from reputable brands and allow customers to try them on for proper fitting and style selection. Outdoor gear stores often have knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance and recommendations based on individual needs and preferences.

Online retailers

Online retailers, such as e-commerce platforms and outdoor gear websites, offer a convenient way to browse and purchase SUP hats with neck flaps from the comfort of our own homes. These platforms provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and often have a wide range of options available. When purchasing online, it is important to review the sizing information and return policies to ensure a satisfactory buying experience.

Local specialty paddle shops

Local paddle shops that specialize in paddleboarding and water sports equipment may also carry a selection of SUP hats with neck flaps. These stores often cater specifically to the needs of paddleboarders, offering expert advice and personalized recommendations. Shopping at a local specialty paddle shop allows us to support local businesses while obtaining a hat that suits our specific paddleboarding requirements.

Reviews of popular SUP hats with neck flaps

When considering the purchase of a SUP hat with a neck flap, reading reviews can be helpful in making an informed decision. Here are reviews of three popular brands:

Brand 1 – Features and customer feedback

Brand 1 is well-known for its high-quality SUP hats with neck flaps. Customers rave about the wide brim, excellent sun protection, and durability of their hats. Many reviewers appreciate the adjustable chin strap, which ensures a secure fit for different head sizes. The removable neck flap is also a standout feature, allowing users to adapt the hat to various outdoor activities. Customers also praise the stylish designs and comfortable materials used in Brand 1’s hats.

Brand 2 – Pros and cons

Brand 2’s SUP hats with neck flaps have received mixed reviews from customers. Many appreciate the lightweight and breathable material used in the hats, as well as the effective sun protection provided. Some reviewers mention that the adjustable chin strap is a useful feature. However, a few customers have reported issues with the quality of the hat, such as stitching coming undone or the brim losing its shape after repeated use. Overall, Brand 2’s hats are considered a budget-friendly option for those seeking basic sun protection.

Brand 3 – Comparison of different models

Brand 3 offers an extensive range of SUP hats with neck flaps, catering to various preferences and needs. Reviewers commend the wide brim, exceptional sun protection, and the ability to remove or secure the neck flap as desired. The adjustable chin strap receives positive feedback for its functionality and convenience. Customers appreciate the lightweight and breathable materials used in Brand 3’s hats, which enhance comfort during paddleboarding. The different models available allow customers to select a hat based on personal style and desired level of coverage.


Wearing a SUP hat with a neck flap is a wise choice when participating in outdoor activities like paddleboarding. We have explored the reasons to prioritize sun protection, the features available in SUP hats with neck flaps, different styles to choose from, and important factors to consider when selecting the right hat. By using a SUP hat with a neck flap, we can not only protect ourselves from harmful UV rays and prevent sunburn on our necks but also stay cool and comfortable throughout our paddleboarding adventures. With the wide range of materials, styles, and brands available, finding the perfect SUP hat with a neck flap for our needs is an exciting and rewarding journey. So, choose the right SUP hat with a neck flap, enjoy the sun safely, and make the most of your paddleboarding experience!

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